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Your New Broadband Neighbor

Catalyst Broadband is the new broadband option in your neighborhood.  We are bringing 5G wireless technology to deliver up to 1 Gig Broadband, along with TV and phone service for a triple play option.

Up to 1 Gig Broadband

•    Triple play with premium TV line up and phone service

•    Leading customer service, easy on-line

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•    Delivering maximum performance and maximum reliability with 5G technology.

Service Offering


Saver (100 Mbps)- $50/mo

Premium (400 Mbps)- $80/mo

Mega(1 Gbps)- $110/mo



Base package- $40/mo

Premium package- $60/mo


Phone service- $30/mo


Internet/ Premium TV/Phone

Saver (100 Mbps)- $110/mo

Premium (400 Mbps)- $140/mo

Mega(1 Gbps)- $170/mo

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