Our vision is to implement the latest developments in wireless technology to develop new networks with diverse business models. We believe broadband networks can and should be monetized, automated, flexible and reliable.

 5G networks are enabling the next generation of wireless technology, creating faster speeds, ubiquitous coverage, and new business models for investment. Catalyst is partnering with innovative operators and enterprises that are driving these innovative opportunities.

Catalyst Networks is developing 

Fixed Wireless High-Speed Broadband Networks
Smart City Networks
Neutral Host Mobile Networks 
Private 5G Networks


Fixed Wireless High-Speed Broadband Networks

The advent of 5G fixed wireless technologies has enabled a new class of networks that can deliver very high speed broadband services to residents and businesses. Using licensed or unlicensed spectrum wireless networks and fiber network deployments, Catalyst can deliver competitive broadband services faster, at a lower price, and at higher speeds than competitive high speed network options. Next generation 5G technologies enable the development of cost effective networks in urban, suburban, and rural environments, in both developed and developing markets.

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Smart City

All municipalities, large and small are challenged to upgrade their mobile infrastructure and deploy advanced smart city applications to improve life for its citizens. Cities want to deploy smart city technologies for smart applications such as traffic monitors, environmental sensors, asset tracking, gunshot detection, and public display networks. But these all require capital investment and on-going management for municipalities. Catalyst partners with municipalities to provide investment for these advanced networks through the development of public-private partnerships.

Neutral Host Mobile Networks

As major MNOs approach the deployment of Advanced 4G and 5G networks, they are challenged to keep up with the demands of the CapEx to deliver continuous capacity and coverage enhancement for their networks. Catalyst is investing in strategic opportunities to deploy neutral host networks that can support subscribers of all operators, creating better connectivity for subscribers, and improved economics for the operators. Neutral host networks are being deployed with the 5G small cell and cloud topologies, and can support both In-Building and outdoor networks.

Private 5G

Next generation 5G technologies enable the development of Private 5G networks dedicated to streamlining the business processes of enterprises with data and voice services. Using licensed, shared licensed or unlicensed spectrum, networks can be developed for market verticals such as warehouses, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, mining, and security operations, to name just a few examples. Catalyst is working with its enterprise partners to invest in the deployment of these next generation networks.



5G Rollout


Peak Data Speeds


More Mobile Data Capacilty


More Connected Devices


Randall Schwartz

Managing Director / Co - Founder

Randall has been a key participant in the broadband wireless market for the last 25 years. He is the founder of Wireless 20/20, a leading broadband wireless consulting group and the developer of the award-winning WiROI Business Case tool. He has helped operators around the world develop winning strategies for broadband wireless, and create opportunities to maximize profit. Schwartz has led development projects with over 150 operators around the world, helping clients by developing business cases, supporting wireless technology strategy for network development, and build network deployment plans. He has has successfully helped operators build plans for deploying cutting edge networks with fixed wireless, LTE, LTE Advanced, 5G, IOT, WiFi and other broadband wireless technologies.

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Andrew Roettger

Chairman / Co-Founder 

After earning his BA from Boston University and EMBA from the Sloan School of Management, Andrew became the youngest active member/trader of the Chicago Board of Trade, where he traded equities, equity options, bonds, Bond futures, foreign currencies, and foreign currency futures. He has also assisted in developing early theoretical option evaluation algorithms using Fischer-Black Sholes models (U of Chicago) for Options Research Inc.

In 2003, he founded CTIF (Catalyst Tax Investment Fund), managed 22MM portfolio of Equity, Equity Options, ETF’s Index funds, Bonds, Futures, Foreign Currencies. He also founded their PE investment Fund CTIF 2. In 2008, he founded Catalyst Financial Inc; Senior Financial Advisor to Alphabet Fund (680MM volatility trading fund, NYC), Advisor to Saiers Capital (500MM quant and volatility fund, NYC).

Frank Esposito

Legal Counsel

Frank sits on the Boards of some of the fastest growing companies in America. One company increased its gross revenues from approximately $450mm to over $1bn during his four years as a Director. Another, in the Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality sector, recently completed a $200mm acquisition that raised audited shareholder equity to $270mm. He has represented Fortune 500 companies and counseled newly formed technology, media and entertainment companies, offering insight into the inner workings of some of the most successful corporations in America. He routinely represents the interests of ultra high net worth individuals in relation to their personal dealings and business opportunities. Frank began his legal career as an Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of New York, representing the Mayor and other high level officials in litigation centering on the policies and practices of NYC.




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